Download Your New Mexico "Local" Food Guide


A tablet computer with the New Mexico Local Food Guide on display in a kitchenHot off the press, the New Mexico Farmers' Marketing Association is pleased to release our 2023 "Local" New Mexico Food Guide! Grab your copy today, or download a digital version, and learn where to find the best, locally grown food in your communities. Inside, you'll find:

  • Where to spend your SNAP Double Up Food Bucks at New Mexico outlets throughout the state – Pages 16-29
  • Directory of all local food outlets, including their hours of operation and accepted food programs – Pages 16-29
  • New ways to "Expand Your Flavor Horizons" with new foods to try – Page 8
  • Meet New Mexico's various growers bringing you fresh flavors – Page 10
  • The health benefits of a variety of rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables – Page 12

Traveling this summer? The Local Food Guide is the perfect companion for summer road trips to visit the best farmers’ markets throughout the Land of Enchantment to bring local flavors from farms to your plate!